Saturday, March 25, 2006


Actually, it's just one sock. But I'm still really proud of it.
And it fits my foot perfectly. I'm still amazed that this sock isn't one-size-fits-all like the ones I buy at Target. My only concern (other than knitting the second sock before I get bored) is the toe. I can't get a pic to come out well, but it looks a little funny. I've never done the kitchener stitch and I'm not sure it's right.

In non-knitting news, I'm going up to Mass. this week to look for a home. So exciting! I'll fill you in when I get back.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

There are 2 kinds of people...

Mac people and PC people. I am now officially a mac person. I've been frustrated with my PC for a couple years now and haven't been a fan of windows for a little longer, so I finally made the switch. Typing this post on my brand new iBook. Isn't it pretty?
iBook closed
iBook open
And it's a joy to use. I can use multiple applications at once without it slowing or freezing. I've been a windows user my whole life (except playing Oregan Trail on the Mac in elementary school) and the transition has been suprisingly easy. The only thing I miss is the right mouse button, but I'm learning to get around it. I love this computer!
Nothing new going on with my knitting. Still working on the same projects with little progress (been playing with my computer too much to have a lot of knitting time!) I have ordered some new sock yarn that I'm excited about. And I bought some new books. Alterknits and Last Minute Knitted Gifts I haven't started any projects yet, but there are a few I'm hoping to start soon, including my first sweater.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Match day!

I'm going to Baystate -- my top choice! I am so excited. Moving far, far away to Northampton, MA. Been out celebrating all day and must go celebrate some more.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

24 more hours

until I find out where I'll be spending the next 4 years. I've been obsessing about this for months, and soon it will be over. On Monday, when I found out that I matched, I was completely relieved. I'll be going to one of the 8 places I put on my rank list, so why worry anymore. But now I'm nervous all over again... can't-sleep-feel-like-puking nervous. Chances are that I'll be moving in a few months, and probably far away. I've lived in the same state for my whole life, and in the same city for most of that, so I'm a little freaked about leaving behind everything I know. Excited to go somewhere competely new, but mostly nervous. Of course I could wind up staying where I am, which would actually be a bit of a tragedy. I'm so pathetic...I can't even decide what to hope for. Must stop thinking about this...stop obsessing NOW! I'll let you know what happens at Match Day tomorrow, unless I'm too drunk which is a very real possibility.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Red/pink month

It's halfway though March and I still haven't done anything for project spectrum. I'm such a slacker. In my defense I was hoping to finish a sock before starting anything new. I have gone to my LYS and gotten some red and pink yarn though, so I'll be starting something soon. This is the lovely yarn I'll be working with this month.
March PS yarn
But I first I have to finish this sock.
first sock
If you look closely you'll notice an extra needle. The one holding the stitch that dropped but didn't notice until it fell three rows. I've been searching my house all afternoon for one of my dozen crochet hooks to fix it, but without any luck.
And now for Margene's Project Spectrum Meme.
red slippersred/pink yarnred plannernetflixGuatemala blanketred plantred kettle

I have a job!

Match day, the day when medical students across the country find out where they will doing their residency, is this Thursday. Another very important day is today -- Unmatch day. The day when you get notified if you didn't match and have to scramble for a position. Fortunately I got notifiction that I did match, so I don't have to go through that terrifying experience. Only three more days until I find out where I'll be spending the next four years.

Friday, March 10, 2006

My BBBB pics

Wow, I'm a slacker. Sorry I fell off the earth and haven't posted in so long. Been finishing of very last rotation of my med school career! Test and papers done and now I just kick back and wait for the end. Eight days till match day so I'm sick with nerves at the moment, but I'm getting a lot of knitting done. Still working on my Harry Potter scarf - this thing is taking FOREVER - which I will hopefully complete on the next couple weeks. Also working on my first ever sock. I've turned the heel and am in the home stretch. I'll try to remember to get a picture of my progress. Haven't started on my Project Spectrum piece yet; I need a trip to my LYS to get some red and pink yarn and hopefully that will give me some inspiration.
Anyway, as promised, my completed BBBB. BBBB complete BBBB centerI gave it to the mom-to-be last weekend and she loved it. I'm really pleased with the way it turned out. The colors are great and the yarn is super soft. I used KnitPicks Shine in cream and butter, 6 balls of each. It even handled a trip through the washing machine without any trouble.