Monday, March 13, 2006

Red/pink month

It's halfway though March and I still haven't done anything for project spectrum. I'm such a slacker. In my defense I was hoping to finish a sock before starting anything new. I have gone to my LYS and gotten some red and pink yarn though, so I'll be starting something soon. This is the lovely yarn I'll be working with this month.
March PS yarn
But I first I have to finish this sock.
first sock
If you look closely you'll notice an extra needle. The one holding the stitch that dropped but didn't notice until it fell three rows. I've been searching my house all afternoon for one of my dozen crochet hooks to fix it, but without any luck.
And now for Margene's Project Spectrum Meme.
red slippersred/pink yarnred plannernetflixGuatemala blanketred plantred kettle


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