Tuesday, August 21, 2007

And I still can't find my camera. Seriously, my apartment is that unorganized right now. The upside is that my family is coming to visit this week so I'll be frantically cleaning for the next few days. I figure with all the cleaning and organizing I'm bound to find the stupid thing. I wonder what else I'll uncover. I found some sock yarn yesterday while cleaning the guest bedroom - it's really pretty too. Totally forgot I had it, so sad.

I received my Dishrag Tag team's box on Friday and knit mine pretty quickly. Got almost the whole thing done while watching Premonition on Friday night. (Weird movie and I was so unhappy with the ending. Disappointing since I'm usually a big Sandra Bullock fan.) Of course without a camera, there's no picture of my dishrag. But I used this pattern. I liked the lace pattern but it would have looked better in a solid color. Also I completely forgot to put in the garter stitch border so the sides curled in a little and the pattern looked off center. When I noticed on Saturday I opted to go ahead and mail it to the next relayer and keep our team moving rather than start over and hold everyone up till the Monday mail. I'll have to knit Susan a do-over without the mistake.


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