Thursday, May 11, 2006

You know you're a knitter when...

So I spent a good bit of the day knitting. I put my things away and went to the movies. Then I went for some coffee. I pulled out my sock and couldn't find my fifth DPN. I looked all through my bag, felt for it in the skein of yarn. Still couldn't find it. Had it pointed it out to me that I had a stick in my hair. That's right, the DPN. Stuck through my ponytail through a movie, multiple car rides, and walking into a coffee shop. Yes, world, I am a crazy knitter!
So what have you done lately to announce you knitterness to the world?


At 7:12 AM, Blogger Katie said...

That's funny! I don't know what I have done as a crazy knitter--probably just the fact that I spend so much time knitting, and reading about knitting, and looking at knitting blogs qualifies me.


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