Thursday, May 11, 2006

Cereal is yummy

Online quizes and breakfast cereal are two of my favorite things. As far as I'm concered, cereal is not just for breakfast. It's also a quick dinner and a great snack. So what kind of cereal am I?
Your Cereal Personality:
Froot Loops

You were Tucan Sam, the strangest looking bird of the morning cereals. Your loops of froot caused many a child to lose spelling bees. Not even Alpha-Bits cereal could combine Fruit with O's to get Froot Loops. Nice beak, though.


At 3:43 PM, Anonymous Beth said...

Uhoh. I took the quiz and I'm the Quaker Oats guy - boring. I'd rather eat leftover Chinese or pizza in the morning. That's not boring, is it? :)

I've got some Italian (25%) in me, too, and I also love the smell of garlic and basil. Last year I planted way too much basil in my garden (like about 7 plants too many). It sure did smell good, though.


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