Monday, May 08, 2006

Feeling patriotic

flag sock
I'm a pretty patriotic girl, so when I saw flag sock yarn at my LYS I had to have it. I had a lot of problems getting this sock started though. My cast on stitches kept twisting when I joined them making a big mess that had to be frogged many times. So I got annoyed, through my DPNs across the room, and finished my Gryffindor scarf instead. I picked them up again yesterday and everything just clicked. I was able to join the stiches without any trouble and quickly got through the ribbed cuff and onto the leg. I'm keeping this sock a simple stockinette because I want the focus to be on the color pattern. Plus it's quick and I want to get the pair done before I move. These socks are for my mom and I want to be able to give them to her here instead of mailing them whenever I get it together. They won't be for Mother's Day though, I'm not that fast a knitter. But my mom does have little feet which speeds up the process. I only had to cast on 56 instead of the 72 I needed for my feet.

Now a plug for a podcast I've added to my "must listen to" list. It's Pixie Purls and I'll be adding it to my sidebar. I've gotten hooked on podcasts lately, esp knitting ones. I really enjoy listening to them when I'm out having coffee and knitting. I have a few that I subscribe to but many of them don't update regularly so I went looking for more. And I came across Pixie and love it. It's by a 26 year old Georgia girl who knits and spins. I really enjoy her podcast because it feels like chatting with a friend. She talks about what she is knitting and spinning, yarns and patterns she has tried, and blogs she reads. So if you're into knitting podcasts, check her out.


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