Tuesday, June 27, 2006

"When I look back on my ordinary life, I see so much magic though I missed it at the time." Photograph, Jamie Cullum

Wow, I love this town. Ignore the hassle of getting settled in a new state (new issues in the whole car thing, but I won't bitch about now), ignore the hours at the hospital, ignore the constant fear of accidentally killing a patient. I love it here. Where else could I take a five minute walk and go see Jamie Cullum perform? I love Jamie Cullum! I got his first album a couple of years ago when it first came out and fell in love with his piano solos and sometimes cracking voice. There's something vulnerable about how his voice cracks a little on the last note of Blame it on My Youth, like he's really sharing a story of heartbreak with you. And then I got his second album last year. Wow...amazing. I was on my way back from an interview in Cleveland and had to drive home in the dark. Now the trip from Ohio to Carolina is fine enough in the daytime, but at night the West Virginia mountains on I-77 are rough. I listened to Jamie for four hours straight and he never got old. That album got me home, and I've loved it ever since. Now after seeing him live, I think I love Jamie Cullum even more. That guy has limitless energy. He's an amazing performer... 2.5 hours of singing, playing, dancing, jumping. His piano solos were awesome, like listening in on jam session. If you haven't listened to him, you should check him out. (Click on "Jamie FM" in the sidebar on his site.) Great interpretations of standards and quality new songs. My current fave is Photograph. Love it! He opened with it tonight with a kickass intro on piano.


At 11:39 PM, Anonymous Beth said...

I had not heard of Jamie Cullum, but I liked his music on his site. I know the stretch of road you mentioned. I wouldn't want to drive it alone at night. You're brave!


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