Saturday, May 20, 2006

I'm back

Been away from posting for a few days. Not that I've been busy or anything, just not much going on and I've been too lazy. Basically I've been getting out of the house just to avoid packing. I really hate packing and usually end up doing it all the day before I move. When I moved from Columbia I was up all night getting everything packed. My brother came to help me move and he called before he left home to make sure I was done. He said he would carry boxes all day, but they all had to be packed before he arrived. I have the reputation for packing as the moving is being done. When I left for college I started packing the night before, after coming back from going to dinner and a movie with my friends. And when I left college I had to go back to the dorm after graduation and finish packing. But I'm not going to do it this time...I swear.

Been meaning to post this for a few days... my Tea Swap Pal sent me the cutest card and finally revealed herself. She's Paula from pjbknit. Thanks for everything, Paula! I love it! And my spoilee, Susan at Labradorable received her package. This swap was so much fun. I had such a great time shopping for my pal. I am looking forward to SP8 and doing even more shopping!

I have been doing some knitting. I've gotten some more of my mom's sock done. Serious case of Second Sock Syndrome though, so this is as far as I've gotten.

I made sure I started in the same place as the first sock, so they actually match. Very exciting.

Inspired by Katie (and lots of nudging from my mom) I've been making mom some dishcloths. Not very exciting though since she only wants white ones. I'll have to make some for other people just to use some colors.

Amazing Lace Update: This most time I spent on Charlotte this week yielded this.

Exciting, eh? I don't have a ball winder or swift so I was winding the yarn by hand. I tried the on the feet trick, the on the knees trick, the back of a chair thing...they all stink. I got about 2/3s wound and they rest was a big knotty mess that took hours to get untangled. I haven't started winding the other four hanks. I figure why not drag out the torture through the entire summer.

After getting this ball wound I got started on my gauge swatch. So I followed the instructions that should yield a 4 inch square. Here's the question: Is that pre or post blocking? Because crumped and ugly it isn't 4 inches, but if I block it and pin it so it's pretty it would be. Anyone done lace who can help me? Ran into another problem with this whole lace thing...I suck. I can't get through three repeats without messing up. The first one-fine. The second-still fine. The third-damnit! I'm missing a stitch! This could be a long, hard summer.


At 6:17 PM, Anonymous Beth said...

I don't have any lace tips, but I do have a tip about winding the yarn. Here's what usually works for me. Hang one end of the hank from a doorknob or something a little higher. You'll be unwinding up and down instead of side to side. Take a small bottle (like a pill bottle or something taller), put one yarn end into the bottle and cap it. Start winding around the bottle then wind at a slant from bottom to top. Slightly turn the bottle as you go. You'll notice that it starts to look like a center pull skein. I got the idea from Knitting Tips & Trade Secrets. Good luck with your projects!


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