Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Ball winding, take 2

Last week Gina and I did some training and started getting me into shape. Things didn't go very well, and I ended up a mess. I was in knots and in need of a massage (preferably from someone tall, dark, and alpaca). Gina tried to place the blame on me, like I wasn't cooperating, but it was all her fault. I'm a sensitive fiber in need of time and care, and Gina doesn't seem to be the patient sort. So she blamed me and whined to everyone. Fortunately she got some advice from Beth. And instead of being her usual stubborn self, she actually listened. For this endeavor we needed a new teammate. Murray was quick to volunteer.

He's outlived his usefulness in the fight against allergens and phlegm and really wanted to avoid a trip to the landfill.

Here I am, ready to work.

Murray I and got along very well. He's a sweetheart, though not exactly my type. But I would do anything for him-he's got me wrapped around his finger!

And see how good I'm being? Not a knot or tangle anywhere!

Thanks, Beth. This was an wonderful workout. I'm ready for my close-up.

And now, to the shawl!



At 2:56 PM, Anonymous Beth said...

Dear Charlotte, I am so glad things are working out well for you now and that Murray was able to help you. I'm looking forward to seeing you change into your final state!

At 1:35 PM, Blogger Katie said...

What a lovely ball of yarn! Wish I had known Beth before I got my swift and ballwinder. =)


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