Monday, May 22, 2006

Top 20 list

Gina H. at Sleepy Eyes Knitting is having a contest this month, and this week's task is to create a knitting top 20 list. So here goes.

1. You Knit What has become one of my favorite sites. I check it daily and have read all the past posts. The projects they post are always horribly disturbing and the captions are hysterical.

2. I'll put these two blogs together because they have a similar style. Written as letters between two friends, they are like a window into a friendship. Mason-Dixon Knitting and Two Sharp Sticks

3. No list of knitting blogs is complete without the Yarn Harlot. Love her sense of humor and traveling sock photos.

4. I stumbled across these blogs via the Amazing Lace ring. Yay for knitting doctors! Stitches and Sutures and the Knitting Doctor

5. Katie from Knits & Grits has a great etsy shop. I love her needle cases and would snatch up the blue one if I had more circular needles. The second Katie makes a straight needle case it's mine. Love her blog too.

6. Another great etsy shop is cafecrafty. I got a sock bag and love it.

7. I'm really into knitting podcasts. They're great to listen to while knitting in public. One of my favorites is Cast On by Brenda Dayne. It's a knitting magazine of sorts with great essays and knitting stories. And Brenda has a great voice.

8. Pointy Sticks by Christine Selleck is another great podcast. Great stories about what Christine is knitting and books or patterns she's checked out. Great music and an awesome theme song. Christine also has a blog-Big Pink Cookie.

9. Another fun podcast is Pixie Purls. This one feels more like chatting with a friend. Pixie talks about what's on her needles and blogs she enjoys. She also spins and talks about that.

10. Estrogen overload? Try listening to It's a Purl, Man by Guido. Get a guy's perspective on the knitting culture and hear about what he's working on. Guido also has some interviews with LYS owners and awesome music.

11. One of my current LYS-the Needle Tree. Good yarns and helpful people. I wandered in there when I was first learning and these ladies were so nice. And if you go on Tuesday their dog is there.

12. My other store is Yarns Forever. Great selection of yarns including some you can't get elsewhere. Recently expanded and has spinning and dying supplies.

13. My future LYS-Webs. Never actually been there but I've spenty many hours drooling over the website. I'm looking forward to shopping there. The other shop isn't online, but it's great. Northampton Wool on Pleasant St was my first real yarn store ::sigh::

14. Now for some yarns. I love Brown Sheep yarns. I've used Lamb's Pride and Nature Spun and they knit up wonderfully. Good quality, no knots, great colors. I hear they felt well and I'll be testing that soon. Just a good, basic yarn.

15. I've just discovered Koigu and I love it. I'm doing my Amazing Lace shawl with it and I really like working with it. It's soft and the colors are gorgeous. I see more of this yarn in my future.

16. I found this great sock yarn through Lolly. It's Hill Country Yarns Sweet Feet sock yarn. Yummy merino wool in awesome colors. I got Honey Butter and Chocolate Covered Kisses-gorgeous! There's also a self-striping version.

17. I love Knit Picks. I've tried a couple of their yarns and was very pleased. And the prices are great. I especially like Shine.

18. I taught myself to knit with Stitch 'N Bitch and think it's a great book. I also like the forum. It's a very active forum and I've gotten great advice there. Click below "Virtual Stitch 'N Bitch".

19. I learned how to knit socks with Sensational Knitted Socks (and plenty of help from Mary from my knitting group). I love this book and see many socks in my future. Basic instructions for sock knitting (on DPNs and circs) and tons of stitch patterns.

20. I'm kinda out of knitting links... in addition to listening to podcasts while I knit, I also listen to audiobooks. LibriVox has free downloads of many works that are in the public domain.

So that's my list. What are some of your knitting favorites?


At 12:30 AM, Blogger Whitney said...

I'm glad that you learned to knit socks from Sensational Knitted Socks. I heard it was a good book for begineer sock knitters so I bought it as well :) So far so good, but I haven't gotten past the cuff yet ...... I have boards looming.

At 1:39 PM, Blogger Katie said...

You have a great list, Gina! I'm really not worthy to be on it, but thank you for the honor!

P.S. If I can figure out a straight needle case, I'll make one this weekend. (Maybe you'll test drive my prototype for me gratis, since you're sending me yarn.)


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