Wednesday, February 22, 2006

In medical news

Grand rounds are up at Dr. Andy's place. Haven't read it all yet, but there's some good stuff in there. I think the lesson about always paying your hooker is one we should all commit to memory. There is also an interesting post about gender discrimination that continues within the medical profession. I remember many times when male patients refused to see me or let me observe when they had urologic or sexual complaints. I guess it's a valid point that some women do not want to see a male Ob/Gyn, but none of my male classmates has ever complained about being asked to leave the room during a pelvic exam. I think some women might feel uncomfortable with a male physician or medical student, but they are much less likely to make an issue of it.

Also on the medical front, today was the deadline for making my rank list. I've had it in the computer for weeks, but until about an hour ago I could still make changes. Now it's final...scary. Just have to sweat it out until March 16 when I find out where I'm going. I won't let myself think about the possibility of not matching though because it gives me panic attacks.


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