Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Grand Rounds

are up at the Health Buisiness Blog.

Some of my favorite medical posts of the week:

Big Mama Doc talks about remorse.
No time for an EKG.
He probably doesn't have anything going on, anyway.
"If anything changes, come back or go to the ER."
I'm going to regret not getting that EKG.
I should get it now.
No time.
It's overkill.
Wouldn't show me anything.
He's right.

Lesson learned.

Some med school application advice from theFake Doctor. How to end a personal statement:
“Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I want to pursue a career as a physician because I want to follow in the footsteps of my great-grandmother’s personal assistant’s third cousin, who, while on her death bed after suffering through a shattering trial of cocaine and substance abuse, shared with me the compassionate tale of the physician who sacrificed everything to save her life. This person’s dying words to me, whispered under her breath, were ‘Be like Dr. Nobleheart. Save lives. Use the force. It is your destiny.’ And with that last breath, she passed, but not before providing me with the final dose of inspiration I needed to pursue a career as a cardiothoracicneurobiliaryspinal surgeon, while also pursuing medical research in pediatric oncology.”

Flea is a pediatrician whose blog I have recently discovered and really enjoy. He is in solo practice (very rare these days) and seems amazing. He is the rare doc who actually wants to be called in the middle of the night! Here's to more like him. And if you ever see one of his patients in the ED, be sure to call him.
"It's not the family's decision!" I burst out, "I want you to call me whenever my patients show up in your E.D.!

"It's just that a lot of docs don't want to be bothered at night..."

"I don't care what other docs want! I want to be called whenever one of my patients shows up there!!! Not so long ago it would have been unthinkable not to speak to the patient's doctor!"

And he offers some great advice to people applying to medical school.
Once you have all your credentials in order, apply to medical school every year. Apply to as many of them as you have a reasonable opportunity to attend. Interview at as many schools as will permit you. If you are ever 'wait-listed', ask for a second interview. If admissions officers at schools give you specific advice as to what you need to do to make yourself a more viable candidate, take that advice seriously.


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