Tuesday, April 18, 2006

completed socks!

I finished my socks and love them!
first socks
I have plans for more once I get some motivation. Getting motivated to knit has been a little rough as it's over 80 degrees here. I keep trying to work on my Harry Potter scarf since I only have a few more repeats to go, but it gets so hot with it on my lap.
Contemplating my April Project Spectrum project. I ordered some yellow sock yarn but it hasn't arrived yet. I do have some orange in my stash and I might make something with that. What I would really like to try is something completely different. I'm not really artistic but I love the idea of painting. Maybe I'll try some paint your own pottery or something. In the meantime, some PS memes.
My yellow/orange books...
april ps books
and movies (yes that is Dawson's Creek, and I'm not even too embarrassed. I still love that show!)
april ps movies

That's all for now, and I promise to stop being a slacker and start posting regularly.


At 1:35 PM, Blogger Katie said...

Dawson's Creek was my lifesaver when I was first at home with my newborn son! I sat in front of the TV for two straight hours nursing him every morning, while watching it on TBS. They aired it in episodic order, so it was like watching a soap opera. I loved sort of rehashing my high school days.


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