Thursday, April 20, 2006

knitting in public

I'm a big fan of knitting in public. My socks became my first major knitting in public project. They are small and fit perfectly in a little bag and they are unobtrusive when you take them out to work on them. I worked on them while getting an oil change, at coffee shops, during a medical conference. I've now gotten used to people's comments and stares. My favorite is "Are you knitting? Wow, I've only ever seen it with 2 needles." I didn't feel like working on socks today so I took my HP scarf out for coffee with me. This scarf is now over 60 inches long (and amazingly not close to done yet, still another foot to go) so it covers my lap and hits the floor. Not wanting my precious to touch a dirty floor, I piled it on top of the table. So there it was for all the world to see. It prompted a lengthy discussion with one man about the fiber content of the yarn and the stitches per inch of the gauge - he's a big fan of natural fibers and asked to touch my wool. I also got a lot of Harry Potter comments, and for every "Oh, a Gryffindor scarf!" comment I also got a sneer and a "I'm Slytherin." When did this happen? Not only do people actually identify themselves as a member of a Hogwarts house, but it is apparently cool to be a bad guy. I'd show you a picture but right now it's just a pile of reverse stockinette. Once I'm done and it's no longer inside out I'll post a pic. I'm making myself finish this over the next week, so it won't be too long. (Come on, I know the suspense is killing you.)


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