Sunday, April 02, 2006

Back from Massachusetts

I went up to Mass. last week to look for a place to luck. I checked out a bunch of condos but didn't see anything I liked, so I've decided to rent. I was told to check back in May for availabilities which kinda freaks me out as I need to move in early June. I don't like the idea of being homeless when I start my residency. The trip wasn't a total loss though. I got some knitting done during the 1000 mile-each-way drive -- added some length to my now 50 in long Harry Potter scarf and cast on my second sock. I didn't get to Webs though how I missed it as I walked all over town is a mystery. I did go to Northampton Wools and bought some new yarn. This is for a scarf for my mom...she'll need it when she comes up to visit me!
And this is for... I dunno yet, but I had to have it. The pic doesn't do it justice, but trust me it's beautiful. I great tweedy green.
So I may be homeless come June first, but I'll have plenty of yarn to keep me company!


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