Thursday, January 26, 2006

Knitting standstill

Since I got hooked on knitting I haven't put my needles down. But I've hit a sort of a wall. I have plans for a couple Harry Potter scarves but they didn't have the yarn in stock at my LYS. I got the red for Gryffindor and the grey for Ravenclaw, but am waiting to the other colors. I knit up the first big red stripe (on my awesome Denise interchangeable circulars) but can't go further until I get the gold. It was supposed to be here over a week ago, but I'm still waiting. I also have plans for a Big Bad Baby Blanket and am awaiting the arrival of my Knit Picks order. Also in the wings is my felted buttonhole bag, also with my Knit Picks order. Of course that's for the Knitting Olympics so I can't start anyway, but I really want to check out the yarn and knit up a swatch before the games begin. I'll just have to make a few more cotton dishclothes for my mom while I wait.


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