Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Why I love kids

I was on call one afternoon during my Peds rotation and we got a call from the Nephrologist that he was sending a patient from the office. When she arrived she looked just pitiful... just sick and tired. She's 10, a former premie who was actually discharged from the NICU with hospice and not expected to survive. Now she's 2 years out from a kidney transplant, slightly developmentally delayed, but doing really well. She had a bad case of gastroenteritis which with her history and immunosupression left her very dehydrated and feeling awful. After talking to her grandmother we started her on some IV fluids and medicine for her nausea.

The following morning I went by to see her and she was sitting up in bed coloring and asking for something to eat. I examined her and then left to write orders for her to resume eating. As I walked through the doorway she called out, "Wait! I forgot to tell you..." I turned around and saw her huge smile. "Thank you for saving my life!"


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