Saturday, July 30, 2005

Movie Review: Must Love Dogs

As a movie junkie I go to the theater every weekend to see the latest release. And I've been seeing previews for Must Love Dogs for months. It looked great and what's not to like about John Cusack. So I went to see it, and I was very disappointed. John Cusack was wonderful, as usual. He was awkward but adorable, with random comments just falling out of his mouth. Sometimes funny and sometimes touching, he's the kind of guy I would fall for. I esp. loved him watching Dr. Zhivago over and over again. Just the kind of thing that I do. Unfortunately he just wasn't given enough to work with. The script was flat with even the great lines that appeared in the preview not seeming as funny when viewed in context. And Diane Lane's character held little appeal. Another movie where I can see all the qualities in the male lead that make him appealing, but the female lead is... attractive. Not smart, funny, personable. Just generic and pretty. I also didn't get the feeling that she really fell in love with John Cusack's character. More that she was lonely and couldn't find anyone but hey, that guy from the dog park really likes me, so why not.

Mirror moment of the movie: "What about all the women who are alone, reading Jane Austen, and eating tubs of ice cream?"


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