Saturday, July 30, 2005

Resuming Life

I've dropped off the face of the earth for awhile... I guess that's what happens during the dreaded Surgery rotation. It really was 8 weeks of hell. Eventually I stopped hating the OR and was able to make it through cases without wanting to kill myself, but I just wasn't a fan of the people. Some of the residents were such jerks! I really thought that the "you're insignificant, now go get me some coffee" mentality had ended, but apparently not. I can handle a certain level of arrogance from attendings, but the interns really piss me off. I mean, they just graduated a year ago and really don't do much more on the team than I do. Actually I get to scrub in on a lot more cases then they do. But a few of them were horrible to work with. My problem is that I can only put up with assholes for a finite amount of time and then I start to crack. The end came when, 5 weeks into the rotation, my intern told me to answer the phone. Nevermind that he was sitting right next to it and he was expecting a call. My reponse? "You're kidding, right?" Yeah, definitely the beginning of the end.
Good news: It's over and I passed.
Bad news: Even though I kicked ass on the shelf test, my evals dropped my a letter grade. Gotta watch the attitude in the future.


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