Sunday, August 14, 2005

Movie Review: Look at Me

I've been on an independent/foreign film kick lately, so I decided to check out Look at Me, a film about a famous author and his daughter. Etienne is so wrapped up in his own fame that he completely ignores his daughter Lolita who tries desprately to gain his affection. The little attention he does show her is to comment on her weight by pinching her side and calling her "my big girl." By the end of the movie I wanted to slug him. The more interesting relationship in the movie is between Lolita and Sebastien. Sebastien likes Lolita and tries to get close to her, but she is so focused on her father that she drives him away. And then accuses him of using her to get to know her famous father, as so many have done in the past. Through the movie you can see Sebastien get frustrated with Lolita and want to just give up on her. A great movie with what I've come to expect from these independent films -- an ending 5 minutes too soon. It's like they make the movie and then chop off the conclusion that tied up all the loose ends because they want the audience to be free to imagine their own ending. But I'm paying you to tell me a story, so finish it, damnit!

Lolita: I'm hopeless!
Sebastien: We all are.
Lolita: Yes, but me more than others.


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